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You wake up one morning and discover that the kitchen faucet is dripping water slowly. Your first impression is that you may not have tightened the faucet all the way. You do that, and the water is still dripping. You say to yourself, do I fix it, call the plumber, or take care of this later and put it on my to do list?

The above situation is only one of the many possible reasons why your faucet could be leaking, or not working properly. This situation can occur in the bathroom and shower as well. Wherever their is a faucet, you can experience any type of situation where the faucet needs to be fixed or replaced.

Here is where the Moen faucet replacement parts can bail you out of this faucet problem and save you money too. After all, you are a very good fixer upper around the house and should be able to tackle this job by using the right tools and parts.

On this site, there will be replacement parts for the the Moen kitchen, bathroom and shower faucets to help you make any repair job go a lot easier. By doing this, you extend the life of existing Moen faucets when replacing them with new Moen Faucet Replacement Parts.

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With so many styles of faucets to choose from, you should be able to match a faucet with the décor of the room. This especially true for new faucets.

What is nice about Moen products is that all their faucets and fixtures are made in the United States and is the #1 Brand in the USA.

Style & Finish Types

As you are browsing through the faucets, you will notice that Moen has three styles of faucets, and four types of finishes. Take a look at them below.


Moen carries the following styles for your bathroom or kitchen:

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Transitional

You can select the style of faucet for the kitchen, bathroom and shower.

Modern Styles

The Moen modern style faucets come in the following styles:

  • The 90 Degree Collection
  • The Align Collection
  • The Edwyn Collection
  • The Indi Collection
  • The Kleo Collection
  • The Method Collection

Traditional Styles

The Moen traditional style faucets come in the following styles:

  • The Banbury Collection
  • The Belfield Collection
  • The Braemore Collection
  • The Brantford Collection
  • The Brecklyn Collection
  • The Caprillo Collection

Transitional Styles

The Moen transitional style faucets come in the following styles:

  • The Aberdeen Collection
  • The Adler Collection
  • The Anabelle Collection
  • The Arbor Collection
  • The Bayhill Collection
  • The Benson Collection


Moen faucets come in the following types of finishes as described below:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Matte Black
  • Mediterranean Bronze
  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Wrought Iron

Each of these finishes should match any type of décor and make a huge difference in the appearance of the room.

Moen Replacement Parts

As mentioned above, when a faucet leaks it’s time to fix it either by securing replacement parts or having to replace the entire faucet. It all depends on the type of problem the faucet is having.

On this site, you will find lots of parts for Moen faucets for the kitchen and bathroom, which includes the bathtub and shower. It’s is very important that before making any repair, you have the correct part to replace the old one with.

Customer Support

You can contact Moen customer support in the USA at: 1-800-289-6636. In Canada at: 1-800-465-6130. They can assist you in finding the correct part that needs to be replaced.

If you are interested in learning more about installing a new faucet, click on the link. If you want to learn more about fixing a leaky faucet, click on the link.