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Moen 1224 Cartridge 2 Pack
Moen 1224 Cartridge 2 Pack

Moen bathroom faucet replacement parts instructs homeowners on how they can fix their own bathroom faucet and showerhead leaks before calling the plumber. By doing the repairs yourself and with the right replacement parts, can save you lots of money by not having to call the plumber.

To do the job, all you need are the right tools and parts to make the repair. Bathroom shower faucets have one or two handles and use a different cartridge and parts than fixing the bathroom sink. If you know the model of the shower or faucet, you can secure the proper cartridge and parts to make the repair yourself.

Generally, if you have 3 handles in your shower, the one on the left is hot, the one on the right is cold, and the one in the middle is the diverter. This allows the flow of water to go to the shower head or the tub. Over time, these parts can wear out and cause leaks and will need to be replaced.

The same can be said for the bathroom sink. You need the correct parts and tools to do the job yourself.

Fixing A Leaking Bathroom Sink

Moen Chateau PosiTemp Shower Kit
Moen Chateau PosiTemp Shower Kit

You will notice the bathroom sink leaking when you turn off the water faucet in the sink and the water still drips. Depending upon the type or model of faucet you own, you will need to secure the proper cartridge to fix any bathroom faucet leak. The video below in this section will help you to fix a leaking bathroom sink faucet.

If you don’t know the faucet model, take a picture of it after you removed it and then take it to your local hardware store. They can assist you in trying to match that cartridge with the proper cartridge for the faucet.

Now, just replace the old cartridge with the new one just purchased. This repair can be done yourself and saving a call to a plumber.

By the way, the average cost to fix a leaking faucet ranges from $125 to $350. Some plumbers have a minimum call amount that’s between $50 and $200. These costs will vary depending upon where you live.

With the right tools in hand the job can be done successfully. Most important, shut off the water supply before fixing any faucet leak. It’s best to shut-off the main water supply coming into the house. Get to know where this valve is located and turn it off. Then, proceed to do the repair.

Note: If you should own a Moen faucet and are the original owner, you can contact them and they will send you the parts for free. Moen parts come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

Video – Fixing A Moen 2 Handle Bathroom Sink Leak 

In the video below it shows you how to replace a Moen 1224 cartridge in a bathroom sink.

Video – Fixing Bathroom Sink with 2 Handles Cartridge 1225

Fixing A Bathroom Shower Leak

Shower Valve Socket Wrenches
Shower Valve Socket Wrenches

This can be a little more complicated, but you can do this job yourself saving you some money. Bathroom showers come with a single or multiple handle models. Depending upon the model you own, will determine which type of cartridge you will need to do the repair.

Bathroom showers in homes and apartments today come with single, two, or three handle models. If your bathroom consists of only a shower and no tub, you have a single handle model shower. If your bathroom has a shower and tub combo, you have either a two or three handle model shower. The handle between the hot and cold faucets is the diverter. This directs the water to the shower head or tub.

For single shower modles, you only have to change the cartridge if you should experience a leaking faucet. For 2 or 3 model handle showers, you will need to replace the stem and stem seats for the hot and cold water handles.

You may want to consider buying a set of shower valve socket wrenches to help you in removing the stems from the pipe. You may also want to consider purchasing a shower seat removal tool. If your shower or bath is old, getting these tools will make the job easier.

In this section, there will be videos covering single faucet, two faucet showers/bath combination, and how to remove a stem and seat from a diverter.

Single Shower Handle Models

Fixing a single handle model shower requires you to secure the proper replacement cartridge for it. You can contact the manufacture to help you to determine the proper cartridge for the model faucet you own.

Single handle models are those in which both the hot and cold water are indicated on the wall plate.

Once you know the replacement cartridge model, you can go to the local hardware store and purchase it. Or, if you are the original owner of the shower faucet, the manufacture will send you the parts for free.

Once you have the proper replacement parts you can begin to fix the leaking shower faucet. Just follow the instructions that comes with the part or parts.

You can also view the video below that shows you all the tools needed and how to do the job.

Video – Replacing Moen 1222 Cartridge Single Handle

Note: You may have a shower faucet that requires a different cartridge than the 1222 as shown in the video. This cartridge is 1225 or 1225B. You can view the same video of the 1222 to replace the 1225. The 1225 and 1225B are exactly the same only the packaging is different. Either one can be used. Also, a Moen 1200 cartridge can be used in place of the 1225 or vice a versa.

Video – Fixing A Single Handle Shower Faucet Leak

Video #2

Two Handle Shower Models

Two handle showers have a faucet for the hot and cold water supply. In the middle between them is the diverter which diverts the water to the shower head or the tub.

Generally, these showers have faucets that use a stem. You will need to replace the stem. In some cases, the seat too. Be sure to get the proper stem and seat parts for your faucet model.

You can see the video below on how to fix a leak in one of the faucet handles or both.

Video – Replacing A Shower Stem With Diverter

Video – Replacing A Shower Faucet Stem No Diverter

Video – Three Handle Stem Replacement

 Video – Dripping Shower Faucet Fix

Video – Fixing A Posi-Temp Shower Faucet

Hot or Cold Water Is Trickling Out

Sometimes homeowners may experience when they turn on the shower or tub faucet, only the hot or cold comes out strong. The other is trickling out. This is an easy fix. All you need to do if it’s a Moen faucet, is replace the cartridge. The cartridge model number is 1222 or 1222B.

Below is a video showing you how to replace the 1222B cartridge when hot or cold is not working.

 Video – Hot or Cold Not Working Properly


We have provided sufficient information and videos for you to fix any bathroom shower, shower faucet, or bathroom faucet leaks yourself.

By doing the job yourself you can safe lots of money by not having to call a plumber to do the job. All faucet leaks can be DYI projects that requires you to have the right tools and parts to complete the job.

The videos above shows you step by step how to fix faucet leaks in the bathroom. Whether you have a single, or two handle faucet, be sure to have the proper cartridge. You can contact the manufacture of the faucet to assist you in which cartridge to buy.

We also shared that if you are the original owner of the faucet, you can contact the manufacture and get the parts for free as they have a lifetime warranty.

You can be confident if you follow the instructions in the videos or those that come with the parts, you will be surprised that you are able to do the job yourself.

Remember, always shut off the main water supply before doing any work on fixing a leaking faucet.

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