Fixing A Leaking Shower Head

Fixing A Leaking Shower Head Made Easy

Leaking Shower Head - Moen Faucet Replacement Parts
Leaking Shower Head

You come home from a hard days work and before enjoying your evening meal, you take a shower. You get dressed to enjoy your meal. You go into the bathroom and notice that the shower head is dripping water. Now what do you do? This is where fixing a leaking shower head can help you.

If the leak is not too serious, you can wait until another day and put it on your to do list when you have the time to fix it. Until then, the faucet head will keep on dripping water.

If this brothers you or the drip is very serious, then you have to call the plumber to make the repair. This option will cost you money to do the repair.

This site is dedicated to help visitors to do the repair themselves. All you need are the proper replacement part or parts and tools for the job.

Fixing The Diverter In Spout

Another type of leaking faucet is when you turn on the water and then pull on the diverter, some water goes to the shower head and some water comes out of the tub faucet. This is a sign that the diverter in the spout may be broken or some of the O-rings are damaged. All you need to do is replace the spout with a new one. This is a very easy repair job that you can do yourself.

Below is a video you can watch to see how this is done.

Replacing Bathtub Spout Video

Moen Customer Support

If you have a Moen shower, the replacement part number may not be visible or you may have misplaced it. You can call Moen Customer Support at 1-800-289-6636 and they can help you to determine the cartridge you will need to replace. Since all Moen products carry a lifetime warranty, they will ship to you the part needed for the repair and the instructions for the proper tools required for the job.

Leaking Shower Head Repair Video

To help you in doing the leaking shower head yourself, watch the video below. It will be very helpful if you are doing this for the first time. The video guides you through step by step on how to make the repair.


Old Cartridge Not Coming Out or Stuck In Faucet

When trying to remove the old cartridge, it may get stuck and you will need to perform some additional steps to totally remove the old cartridge. The only thing you have removed so far was the stem. Don’t panic. Below, is a video on how to remove a cartridge that is still stuck in the faucet and the stem of the old faucet has been removed. You will be shown a couple of ways on how to remove a stuck cartridge. Use the method that is easiest for you.

Stuck Cartridge Video


As you can see, fixing a leaking shower head is not that difficult when you know what to do. All you need is the time, tools, and the right parts. By doing this repair job yourself you will save money by not having to contact a plumber. Also, Moen shower parts come with a lifetime warranty. So, even the replacement parts are free. On this site there will be Moen shower cartridges for showers in the event you are not the original owner. Warranty lifetime coverage only applies for the original owner of the home.

The information provided here can also help those homeowners who may not own a Moen shower and may have another brand. The steps given in the video will work for fixing those brands as well.

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